How NOT To Be a Bad RV Park Neighbor

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You’re tired from traveling all day, just got set up next to your RV park neighbor, you started your campfire for cooking dinner and finally sat down in your camping chair with your favorite beverage. Finally, the stress-free camping experience in the great outdoors you’ve been anticipating for months is here. You look around at the happy faces of your family as you laugh, start cooking dinner and share stories – then it happens. The RV park neighbor next to you proceeds to do a complete dump of his black tank and the smell is enough to curb your hunger immediately. A peaceful camping experience at the RV park no more!

RV park neighbors nestled in the mountains. Photo by KOA Campgrounds.



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You CAN avoid being a bad RV park neighbor by following these simple rules

Don’t be a bad RV park neighbor. Photo by Motorhome.com

Monitor noise levels

For most, RVing is a way to get away from the noise of the city and escape into nature. You might be a bad RV park neighbor if you are listening to music at night club levels at 11PM.

RV parks have quiet time rules to make camping a pleasant experience for all. It gives everyone a time to be louder during the day and then quieter in the evening. How would you feel if you had to get up at the crack of dawn the next day for a long travel day and your neighbors were partying all night right near your bedroom window.

Also, remember to keep your noise levels to a minimum when you check-in after hours.

Respect your space and the space of others

Most RV park neighbors do not take kindly to someone walking through their campsite. Respect their space as you would in your neighborhood at home.

And just like you would keep your yard looking nice and free of junk at home, remember to do this at your RV site. Refrain from using all the space under and around your RV as a place to store everything you own.

Know when to dump the tanks

No one gets excited about dumping the black tanks but it is a necessary part of the RV experience. When to dump the tanks is probably not something everyone considers.

Is your neighbor outside enjoying a nice meal with their family right near the black tank hose? If so, this is probably not the best time to dump the tank if you want to be a good RV park neighbor.

Keep your pets under control

Keeping cats contained while outside in an RV park.

Pets want to be outside enjoying the camping experience with their family just like everyone else. It’s possible for this to be a peaceful experience for you, your pet and your RV park neighbor by following a few simple rules.

Always keep your pets on a leash or in some kind of enclosure if outside. Don’t allow your pet to travel into another site and always clean up their business.

Noisy pets can also be a nuisance so do your best to curb this type of behavior out of respect to your neighbors.

Teach your children the rules and know where they are

It’s important for parents to share the rules of the RV park with their children. Rules such as walking through other campsites, keeping pets under control, where to ride bikes and how fast, noise levels and any other set campground rules. Some campgrounds have rules about children under a certain age needing a teenager or adult with them at all times especially at a pool.

Know where your children are at all times and check on them when not in your sight. This is for their safety as well as the respect of the space of your RV park neighbors.

Parking and driving safely

Park your vehicle in it’s designated space in an RV park. Photo by Good Sam.

Every RV site has a designated parking area. If you not able to fit properly in that space, use any overflow parking provided or ask the campground where you should park. Do not park in the grass unless it’s customary at that RV park. Also, do not block other sites with your vehicle.

Being a good RV park neighbor means adhering to set speed limits. These are posted to keep everyone safe especially those who are walking and children who may not be paying attention.

Embrace the darkness

The best part of camping for most is the ability to sit around a campfire and gaze up at the stars. Having your bright spot lights on all night will probably not make you friends with your RV park neighbors. Alternative ways to use light would be a string of dim lights or other accent lights that come with your RV.

If you have to arrive after hours, do your best to be respectful of where your headlights are shining. For example, when you are backing up your RV you could probably get away with only using the parking lights.

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Have any other tips to add to this list? What is your biggest RV Park pet peeve?

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