Life Doesn’t Always Go as Planned (Well DUH!)

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Life doesn’t always go as planned!  Didn’t we hear that over and over as kids from our parents and teachers and pretty much EVERY adult we came in contact with?! YES, but it still doesn’t make it sting any less when you are on a specific path and then you lose the control over that plan.

A job loss precipitated our current journey so it’s only fitting that a job loss is also responsible for our next chapter.

Some of you may or may not know that Craig was laid off from his 10-year remote job earlier this year – another corporate downsizing without warning! Oh joy! We really didn’t publicize it on social media while we have been working through the emotions and determining our next step – until now.  We embarked on this full-time traveling adventure knowing that Craig’s remote job (and health benefits) provided us peace of mind, from a financial perspective, to live a modest life and visit bucket list parts of this country and Canada BEFORE retirement AND while we were still able to be as adventurous as we wanted to be.

When that safety net was gone it was scary and brought up so many questions: Can we continue live this lifestyle that we’ve grown to love? Will Craig be able to find another remote position?  Will he find another position before severance runs out? (YIKES) Will it be something he enjoys doing? Will I have to go back to the corporate world? Will I have to abandon my dream to run my own successful business? Will we have to settle down in a brick and mortar home again? As you can imagine, our heads were spinning! And the “planner” in me was lost.

“We consciously try to live our lives knowing that everything that happens to us (good or bad) is for a reason – we may not know it at the time but in most cases, we eventually understand the meaning and find positive lessons.” – Us

Because we know life doesn’t always go as planned and everything happens for a reason, we felt certain that Craig was meant to get laid off so he could be FULLY present during our travels this summer/fall. YES, you heard me right. This time of uncertainty was MEANT TO BE in our hearts and minds.  Because of this, we focused on the positive and made the most of our gift of time together in the most beautiful places on earth.  All while searching for a new job, direction or sign of what our next step was going to be. We knew our next step would be 1 of 4 options:

  1. Craig finding another remote job (winner, winner chicken dinner!)
  2. Craig finding another job that would require us to be location dependent again
  3. My business being able to support us till retirement (yeah, we knew this wasn’t a viable option YET but a girl can dream, right?)
  4. Me securing a remote or location dependent job.

Before we talk about our new plans, let’s focus on what we’ve discovered about ourselves in our (soon to be) 3 years living full-time on the road:

  • We CAN live with 1/10th of what we previously owned and be 100% happier.
  • We CAN make our dreams come true, we just had to be brave and take that first step.
  • Pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone and facing our fears CAN be freeing and open up so many possibilities.
  • We CAN develop community while being location independent – we have met some of the BEST people since starting this journey.
  • We CAN survive without cable. We used to spend way too much time watching TV and not enough time outside exploring.
  • We CAN get along in 400 square feet although there were a few times we definitely needed a break from each other but we are still married!
  • We are LESS stressed by bumps in the road (quite literally sometimes) and adjust to them quicker.
  • We ARE stronger than we think!

Finding MORE freedom even when life doesn’t go as planned

I am happy to announce that after months of searching, applying and interviewing, Craig has accepted a new position that will have us semi-stationary near Gainesville, FL for a little while beginning in January 2020.  While being location-dependent is not what we planned, this is a great opportunity for many reasons and fits into our goals and our nomadic spirit in the following ways:

  • Save Money – while RVing is certainly less expensive than owning a brick and mortar home, expenses are greater traveling full-time at the pace we did vs being stationary:
    • We will now be able to pay a much lower annual rate at a campground. We still plan to live in our home on wheels since we’ve gotten so used to living tiny and love the freedom and the cost savings it provides us (see our post about why we love this full-time RV life)
    • We will spend less money on fuel
    • We will eat out less – something we loved to do in new places
    • We will be able to retire sooner by taking this time to save money and plan more for how we want to travel in the future
  • New Adventure
    • We will be able to explore new parts of Florida & Georgia – still using our RV when it makes sense
    • We will be able to take trips outside the US – while we’ve loved exploring so much of this great country, we want to go to Europe and other countries and now we will be able to do more of that
    • We have time to plan and save for one of our future goals which is RVing around Europe and/or New Zealand
    • We can enjoy other forms of travel such as AirBnB (click to get $40 off your first stay), cruising and so much more
  • Renovation
    • We have been wanting to have some down time to paint and make other changes to our RV so here’s our chance
  • Business
    • I will have more structured time to focus on building my business as a more viable income source for our future
  • Family & Friends
    • We will be able to help our northern family and friends escape the cold by visiting us in sunny Florida
    • We will be able to be more flexible when it comes to being there for important occasions even if we have to visit via a plane ride

Best Part of this change of plans..

We will still be adventuring, exploring, traveling, creating helpful content and sharing it all with YOU.  I am very excited and energized to have the time to build this business to include creating courses, products and content to help those who want to live with less and do more before it’s too late!

Since this will be the first time we’ve been stationary for a long period time in our RV, we could use some advice.  Anyone else living (or lived) full-time in their RV in one location?  If so, we would love to hear from you – the good, the bad and the ugly!



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4 Responses

  1. Edie
    | Reply

    So proud to have you and Craig as my friends. I can’t wait to read about this next chapter of your adventure. ?

    • Tina Klinefelter
      | Reply

      Thank you Edie! When are you coming to Florida to visit? 🙂

  2. Steve Korsvall
    | Reply

    Hi I’m the Rv Proctologist of Quartzsite, Az. You have some beautiful pictures and insight here.. Living in our RV’s full time it’s good to see others live and to see there adventures. We have been full timing for 15 years. We have enjoyed all the people weve met along the way. In what we do my son and I have adventures that people have to take care of every 5 to 10 days under the floor. As the only Rv Proctologist in south west Arizona we have stories and a lot of laughs. The Sunday Times newspaper said ” You know your in Rv heaven when you see the signs for the Rv Proctologist.” Enjoy your travel

    • Tina Klinefelter
      | Reply

      Thank you for reaching out, we love all the people we meet too! Love this and yes we are all proctologists to our RVs! LOL

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